Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Yellow bird flying Gets shot in the wing

I want to talk about Pets and losing your babies... I was meaning to post this last night but didn't get around to it.

Why do people have pets? For comfort? For love? To please the kid? I have always been an animal lover and come from a family of animal lovers. Over time we had pets whom we got very attached to, as they all have their very own little personalities that shine and make them different. Some people see pets like another human being, dressing them, constantly cuddling them like they are a baby, they are precious. Some see pets as just animals and don't see the point in having them and question why do people cry so hard when they lose them. To some, pets are the owners' babies and will fight tooth and nail to make them better again when they are sick.

One thing alot of people forget when they get a pet is they don't live as long as humans, then the day comes and like that, they are on their death bed... Some pets are fragile and small. He seems happy playing one day and then the next day, you notice he is not playing anymore and not his usual self and like a mother, she takes him to the vet, then the vet tells her, "your baby is not going to live anymore, he has a huge tumour." It's so shocking how these illnesses occur. The owner cries saying its not fair why him... Then she has to make the toughest and biggest decision to either get the pet operated but the operation has a high risk of not being successful and they will have to put the pet to sleep or leave the pet for a few days because he seems fine playing.. but the cancer is going to grow and make him suffer in pain. She only has one night to make this decision and it could be the last night she will ever be with him. So it comes down to what is best for the pet get the operation and hope for the best or what is best for the owner leave the pet for a day or two, so she can spend more time with him and she preys for him to get better like a mother weeping making the biggest decision of her life for her dying kid.

It's kinda like that film, My Sisters Keeper a mother uses her daughter to keep her other daughter who has been suffering from leukaemia alive. Then in the end the daughter who suffers from leukaemia teaches her mother a valuable lesson that she has to let go. This is like with pets, you have to let them go, no matter how much you care for them and it can be hard. People can be very depended on them and feel their world is gone when they die. I know from past experiences I have been left empty from losing my pets, watching them die in front of my eyes, like a family member has died..

Please mama don't let the vet kill it.

Pets, I love them but I f**cking hate them, the consequences.

Yellow bird flying
Gets shot in the wing
Good year for hunter
And Christmas parties
And I hate and I hate
And I hate and I hate


  1. I lost two cats...I know how painful is it...