Friday, December 24, 2010

Snow can wait I forgot my mittens

These photos were taken in Merrion Square, Dublin. It was suppose to be a Christmas Rei Ayanami photoshoot. Snow was everywhere and oh my god what a sight the park was in, it was just all blankets of snow and it was very pretty. It was a very picturesque. It was a very magical scene like in one of the Narnia movies. It was a fun photoshoot but I was freezing as you can see in my face. ;p Thanks to my friend Stephen aka Hybridchild for taking these pretty and magical photos. As I said in an earlier post, as a cosplayer I am inspired by song lyrics that match the character. I decided to put the lyrics Winter by Tori Amos in with these photos not because the song suits Rei but the song really suits the setting, as while the photoshoot was going on all I could think was the song Winter. A beautiful song matching a beautiful setting.


  1. Good work as usual. I especially like the one of you smiling. It's out of character but provides a mix of both Rei and Amy in the same photo. Very striking :).