Monday, January 17, 2011

Hong Kong Garden

I was bored one night and wanted to practice doing Siouxsie Sioux eye make up for cosplays, future costumes and for shoots and ended up going a different direction.

Make up is like blogging, you have an idea and then go a completely different way. I once was trying to do my eyes cute like anime characters with liquid liner and ended up doing black wings on the end of my eyes, which I thought looked great. When I tried to get that effect again, I couldn't do it. So in future when I am practising eye make up, I take pictures as references so at least when I go back to try and do it, I have pictures.

My make up is suppose to be the Japanese Empire flag with the red and white stripes and I thickened my eyebrows with Barry H black liquid liner. In the pictures the make up doesn't look the best and the eyebrows look weak, that is because I am running out of it. I know the red eye shadow looks pink as it looked red when not on.

My eyes are no way as good as Siouxsie or as a professional or even are are as good as an amateur but I am learning and we all need to start somewhere. :) This make up style needs alot of work even the eyeliner on the side, the strokes and the colouring, so I believe it is very important to take photos like a memorandum. I apologise for the photos being in bad quality as I don't have my good camera on me so I had to use my camera phone. When I get this look good, I would like to do my eyes like that for a Japanese soldier military fashion/costume shoot with a kotana. ;)

Listening to: Siouxsie Sioux and the Banshees


  1. Certainly different.

    Admittedly, my first impression was candy canes, rather than the Rising Sun flag.

  2. I also find they look like a circus because of the pink. 0_o