Sunday, April 8, 2012

Otaku Easter

I hope everyone is having a good Easter. I was really inspired by 4chan when they done the collection of anime fans spending their Valentines with their waifu, unsure what I am talking about watch this! So I thought I would do something similar for Easter as I love expressing fandom.

Unfortunely the pictures didn't come out too well or what I had in mind but it was fun.

My figurines gather around the easter eggs.

It was hard keeping the figures still on the bed.


Happy Easter everyone!x Hope you like..


  1. Looks tasty.

    I don't think I'd put my toys in my chocolate eggs though. I do, however, feel a sudden urge to go eat more chocolate egg...

  2. Oh the eggs were very tasty! I normally wouldn't want to get my lovely figures dirty but I thought puting them in the egg would be cute.

    I think I had too much chocolate today. ;_;

  3. Not a bad idea and we get to see your figure collection which is cool.

    I love that mini display that I can only assume is Rei. My son got some Yu-GiOh! cards and more figures for his Skylanders game. No candy this year, but my wife made Lemon Squares :)