Sunday, April 8, 2012


I am know on my Easter holiays. I need to really get into the books so from now I won't be shooting but I can try do some self shoots as it shows determination but time is an issue and now it is time for me to knuckle down. I haven't given up on the erotic Rei Ayanami shoot. I want it to be really good, put in lots of thought and creativity and not like so em.. camwhore. So just one more month to go and then I will be free. I have spend lots of time browzing other cosplay and modelling photos for inspirations and I am buzzing with ideas! Yesterday I took a few snaps, nothing special just felt productive.

I am trying on one of my false eye lashes. First was contact lenses, now eyes lashes. It really is amazing how they change your look and make you more doll like. I would recemmend using false eye lashes as well as lenses (if you can stomach them) for cosplays and shoots. I can't wait to get back into shooting and use theses eye lashes for my cosplays. I really love experieting. I am really inspired by Kotakoti and girls like her that look very surreal and doll like in photos.

Kinda like how my socks look here.

More photos can be seen on my DA. So the next big event being Anime Dublin which is on Saturday. I can't wait!

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  1. Taking a picture of your refection in the window frame is a pretty neat idea.

    Yea, you better got to the books before the books came after you :P