Friday, May 4, 2012

Anime Dublin

I think I have abit of spare time to post about Anime Dublin which was a new Anime comvention held in Dublin by two of Ireland's top Anime and Manga conventions Eirtakon and Nomcon. It ran back around Easter. It was a one day event which had alot of people. There were party games, seminars, a gaming room and an Easter themed cosplay competition. I really had fun at it talking to people and really enjoyed doing the cosplay workshop with a few other cosplay experts. Here are the images of us doing the cosplay workshop. On the far left is Batman (real name classified ;), Teri cosplaying as female Butters from South Park she is the Cosplay Coordinator for Nomcon, Fiona my cosplay colleague from Eirtakon cosplaying as Mikuru from Haruhi Suzimiya, me and two ladies from a craft website who spoke about fabric and where in Dublin was the best place to buy materiels for costumes.
It was good that each cosplayer spoke about their area of expertise as here you will see Batman showing images of masks and armour he makes. There were very impressive! Fiona spoke about make up and eye shadows and how they draw attention to your best features. I don't look impressed but I did enjoy her talk! :P
Now my turn talking about contact lenses.
There were quite a good few at our workshop.
Here are images of the party games. Unfortunely the venue was very small so it was abit tight but was enjoyable. At least next year we know to get a bigger venue.
This is Natasha cosplaying as Bulma in a fine bunny outfit. You regonise her? She done the C.C. Christmas shoot with me that David Kennedy took.
Colin as Archer and C.C.
Random shinagans at the con.
That is Ash in the red t-shirt who is on the Eirtakon committee. He is managing the queue I think. The waiting list queue was crazy there were 40 people on the waiting list. The venue was small that we had to cap the quantity of people and the people who wanted to buy a ticket late had to wait outside incase the people who paid in advance couldn't make it.
This is Seaneen looking pretty in Lolita.
There was alot of really good cosplay.
Lyndsey is a very good cosplayer.
A very good Final Fantasy cosplayer.
Anime Dublin was great fun and I can't wait for next year! There was also lots of different age bracket of people, there was one lady who was in steampunk cosplay and was in her 40s which was cool to see. There was also lots of new faces which was good. The event ended with lots of fun drinks of course. The seminars were very enjoyable. Sean done a very good Gundam panel. I am not really a big fan of Gundam but I did enjoy War in the Pocket. Some of the committee members of Nomcon and Eirtakon done a panel on running cons which was enjoyable. All in all Anime Dublin was a very memoriable experience.


  1. You know it was a great con when you have a waiting list to get in. Hopefully next year it will be longer than a day.

    May need to extra time not only to cram in the people, but also all the panels :D

  2. Yeah it would be cool to extend it and get more people involved.

  3. I really like the cosplay! But theres one thing but i have seen u before probably at my school at Stewarts Creek High school?

  4. I like the photo of Lyndsey with the handcuffs. did you play with the handcuffs Cairdiuil ? I would love to see you cuffed hands behind... playing :)