Friday, May 18, 2012

Many people may only look at a cosplayer's physical structure as opposed to the way she thinks.

I found this article while I typed in "the pressure of being beautiful" in google. I was wondering what type of images came up. I found the article very relevant. How about you read the article replacing beauitful women with Pro-Cosplayers and replace society with the internet or cosplay world. They are amazing and talented people out there and they get trolled mostly because of jealousy but just because they are "perfect" you don't know what they go through or have been through.
The struggles that beautiful women face in society There are many struggles that beautiful women face in society. They have to face a lot of jealousy and criticism from other people which includes other women who are not as beautiful as they may be. Society can be very harsh when judging beautiful women, and some people will never be able to believe that a beautiful woman has made it on her own . Many people will never believe that beautiful women has a brain and can think for herself. This can cause her to loose confidence within herself, and this also be a cause for her to have very low self esteem. Beautiful women are expected to remain groomed. They are expected to act in a certain way, and have the best take on fashion. Practically this is not possible all the time, as beautiful women are also human beings, and they need to be able to focus on other areas of their lives, like normal people. Supermodels are usually photographed in the public eye using their normal clothes and with no make up. This usually makes them look unprofessional in the public eye, but unfortunately people fail to realize that beautiful women are only human and have physical flaws like everyone else. These unrealistic expectations of the public when dealing with beautiful women can put a lot of pressure on them. Beautiful women are used to receiving compliments. If their looks are taken away from them as they age or due to some physical aliment then they can become very insecure, and this can lead to mental conditions like depression, and some other conditions. Beautiful women are usually judged solely on their looks. Many people miss the fact that they may be intelligent or good at a certain sport. People may only look at her physical structure as opposed to the way that she thinks. Men may commit to a beautiful women solely on infatuation, and when this passion fades then he may leave her for someone else. The woman may fall hopelessly in love with the man and this can cause a lot of emotional problems and bad love choices. It is not always a '' walk in the park'' to be a beautiful woman. These women are forced to conform to society, and behave in a certain manner. Beauty can be a curse to a beautiful women and she may be locked into herself, and not be able to go beyond her physical beauty. This can leave her with no personality, and can be more of a hindrance in her growth.
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  1. This is true in every part of human culture now a days. Even I have fallen into this trap when doing my blog posts. Sex Sells and the Sexier the better no matter the field.

    Is my wife a buxom blond bombshell - not to the people that see her, But to me, she is the sexiest woman I know and I tell her that daily.

    Beauty is only in the eye of the beholder, but you really need to go deeper than the outside shell you see.

    Sexy on the outside sometimes means ugly on the inside.

  2. Sex doesn't sell. It just gets attention.

    I was listening to an interview with Morgan Webb of G4 TV. (Former FHM columnist and model.) One point she made was that as a model, and an attractive tv show host, people didn't believe that she actually played games or liked them. She constantly has to justify herself and the things she is passionate about. People see her as a model and a host first and don't think that she could be a bright and interesting person with likes, dislikes, passions and skills.

    She also spoke about how she wasn't happy to be working in an industry where age and experience make you less qualified to do your job. You don't earn beauty, and you won't get to keep it. Make best use while you have it. You can even build a career on it. But you'll need a fallback.

  3. @ bluedrakon: That is very true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. I suppose 'beautiful' is very broad and the saying goes 'anyone can be beautiful.' I suppose how I read the article was being more on 'successful' 'perfect' people. We all see the perfect person to be successful so they must keep that high standard, high expectations are expected of them, their friends can become very jealous of them, it is human nature.

    That is true too that if a person is beauiful or perfect they can have a bad side to them. That is what I liked about Neon Genesis Evangelion, Misato was seeing as the perfect character and role model yet she had flaws. We are only human.

    @ Sean: That is a very interesting case and is very true in the modelling world and industry. They are judged on their looks and poeple don't see that they are intelligent. Just seen as girls on paper. Hopefully if more models or public figures put themselves out there as not just pretty girls but girls that actually do things, make a difference, become entrepreneurship, get into politics maybe peoples's perception of them may change over time.