Friday, May 18, 2012

CosArt - Showcasing the influence of Japanese visual art an Irish artists and performers

I finally got there in the end. This is my final end of year project which was a cultural handbook on an event you aim to run in the future. I choose to focus my handbook on CosArt which will be a cosplay and anime art exhibition expressing cosplay and Anime as artistic. I aim to run this event in Dublin and hopefuly will soon. CosArt will be the Cosplay Ireland launch event. There has been cosplay art exhibition held in other places in the world such as Geekology 101 in the Philippines and a Cosplay Art exhibition in Moscow. Here you can see the CosArt slogan "Showcasing the influence of Japanese visual art on Irish artists and performers." The idea of CosArt will portray how cosplay and Anime influence Irish individuals. Promoting Japanese culture with an Irish twist. The images I used there are from the Cosplay art exhibition in Moscow. I got the images of a very talented cosplayer Neko_tin who kindly gave me these images and helped organise the event.
I apologise for the images being upside down. I tried fixing it but couldn't get around it. Here are images of Irish cosplayers from Eirtakon and other anime conventions. I had to explain what cosplay is and explain about the Irish cosplay/Anime scene.
Yep lots of graphs which were a pain to do. On the right is the Gantt Chart which is a Project Management tool when you put up in a table all the tasks you need to do to prepare for your event eg "On this date I must create a CosArt web presence.." Then you have your critical path the tasks you really need to focus on.
This is the floor plan of the Helix the home of Eirtakon. We had to do a floor plan of the venue for our event, mark where everything is going to go, fire exits and the photostudio. In the project I said I would run the event in the Helix as we have contacts with the Helix from running Eirtakon and the Helix staff are a gem to work with, but giving this is a fresh and new idea and would like many to come I would ideally like to run CosArt in the Dublin city centre.
This is the work breakdown sheet and Project Logic Diagram. You have to think logically about planning for your event like every little step. Funny enough I found this quite fun to do.
The Evaluation part of my project.
I have an image here of two excellent cosplayers from Eirtakon last year. The Pokemon cosplayer in white is Orla. She was going to be one of Ireland's representives for the EuroCosplay in London but unfortunely she can't take part. Hopefully another opportunity will come to her.
On the left you will see images of the Geekology101 Cosplay exhibition which was ran by cosplay photogrpaher Jay Tablantes. These images are to show what I am basing CosArt on. On the right there is the cosplay stageshow from Experience Japan.
Awh this is the staff call sheet. The timetable I had to design for my volunteers. You might spot your name there. ;)
I am so glad the course is over. It was very intensive. My class were lovely and it was fantastic that all our passion came out. The course really did put me into a direction as I want to now tackle and join Japanese cultural groups, network and get the idea out there. I was also thankful that my tutors supported my CosArt idea and said it would be a success. I need to now apply for internships in event management and try get some experience and can get a job in my field. I also want to really focus on my cosplaying, Cosplay Ireland and do artistic shoots so it is going to be very differcult multi-tasking lets just say.. My passion would be to promote and run Anime, cosplay Japanese pop culture events through education and the like as my career and do costume design if I have time. I just really hope things work out for me now and I would love to make CosArt into a reality. :) Listening to: Sims Soundtrack


  1. Wishing you very best with the project and finding internship Amy and to be honest Im already looking forward to see it happen so dont let anything bring you down and I really hope that you will get to complete this project in the end and we all could be proud of it :) also if you need any digital help if I can help out feel free to contact me for help me and plenty of other people out there are always standing behind you every step if you ever need any help :)

  2. Thanks so much Jay for your words of encouragement. I will defianfinely be on to you if I need anything and of course would love you to be involved. Let's raise a glass for the both of us. :)

  3. Congratulations on finishing! Your project looks really interesting, well done! :)

  4. Great job on this and stunning presentation of your work in the book. Never would of thought to use a Gantt chart - nice.

    If you need a free application for your photos, I would recommend Irfanview ( It is a safe program and no junkware. I use it for flipping photos and quick resizing.

  5. Thannks very much Hotaru and thanks for the tip bluedrakon. I really appreciate all of your support.x