Friday, October 26, 2012


I apologise for the lack of updates. I will try to be better. :) Alot has happened since I last updated my blog. Things have been going well with Cosplay Ireland. We done a Halloween Cosplay shoot in a lovely park in St. Annes just outside Dublin which went well and we had three fantastic photographers and many cosplayers come along!

Thanks alot to Úna from the Irishpress for doing a blog post on Fiona and I with Cosplay Ireland. It can be read here -

Also earlier today I done a photoshoot with photographers Lisa Tiffany Gellar and Steve Dempsey in Pheonix Park. They took more photos of my Little Red Riding Rei cosplay and this time thanks to Nora Fox who makes my costume and helps me, she made my cloak and made my basket more the part. The setting for the shoot was beautiful and very well suited to Little Red Riding Hood with alot of leaves and a lake. I had alot of fun with Lisa and Steve.

Here is one photo from the shoot from Steve. :) Looking forward to seeing the rest!


  1. You really do have a great background for this cosplay of Little Red. It must also been exciting to be reviewed by them. It was a great read and it looks like your group will be growing even more now - congrats!