Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Eirtakon 2013

Eirtakon was were it all began for me when it comes to Events Coordinating for Anime conventions. This year I was just an associate and help out with the Cosplay judging. It is amazing to see something you have been involved with for seven years develop into a large scale event and ran successfully,

The event was held in Croke Park.

I had a great time but unfortunately didn't get to see much as I was busy judging most of Saturday and I enjoyed Sonya's Art of a Geisha panel.

Some photos to leave you with. :)

 As I have been involved with conventions for a few years, I still love event to be atmospheric with the cosplayers but attending seminars and panels are becoming one of my highlights of the convention as I feel we are really learning of each another and teaching another new things. We are sharing the things we love. I know very little about Gundam model making but I felt a bond of the community connecting and being eager to learn.

^ You see what I mean? :)

I took this photo of an image from MCM Expo in Birmingham which was in the Metro morning paper the next day. I was thinking pity it wasn't Eirtakon as MCM Comic Con was on the same weekend, awh well maybe in the future. :)

More photos and coverage can be seen on their facebook.

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  1. I have to say your cosplay is just getting better and more defined with each passing year. You really have brought a great light to it in Ireland and hope it keeps glowing brightly for you and everyone else.

    I am sooo much looking forward to my firs anime convention in February in a looooong time. I can't wait to review and report it on like you did here.