Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Evangelion Marathon 2013

On Saturday November 30th Access Cinema, the Japanese Film Festival held a Rebuild of Evangelion Marathon in the Lighthouse Cinema Dublin.

I really enjoyed myself and went cosplaying as Rei Ayanami to debut my new dress. I was the only one there cosplaying and I will admit I was nervous walking into the cinema foyer dressed as Rei but at the end of the day I received some lovely compliments just people saying "fair play to her" and was glad I did it. One of the very reasons why I enjoy cosplaying is to express fandom for a series I really like and to meet and talk to fans. Even though the whole day was spent in a cinema theatre and I really enjoyed watching all three movies on the big screen, I would of liked it if there was a social aspect to the day eg after the screening or during breaks of the film we would be moved to a panel discussion room or an exhibition dedicated to Evangelion. I recall seeing Rebuild of Evangelion 1.0 and 2.0 and 5cm Per Second in the IFI a few years ago which was organised by Andrew of Anime On Demand, and there was a panel talk between movies from Jonathan Clements on the Evangelion fandom. Normally after watching something I really like I get a big buzz of wanting to chat and discuss with fellow fans. I got talking to one of the organisers from Access Cinema who we work with the Experience Japan Festival I am part of and they put my Rei cosplay photo on their facebook page. Picture below.

 My friend took this shot before going in to the theatre. It quite resembles the scene from the anime Rei's ghostly appearance.

Took this self portrait :p before heading in. I know I look weird without the red eyes but thought it would be best to leave the lenses giving I will be tucked away in a cinema theatre all day. :p

A lot of people turned up, it was packed! I took this photo from the Access Cinema Page.

After the screening I went to a Japanese/Chinese restaurant with friends. It is a decent restaurant with good value for money.

Was trying to mimic the scene from Rebuild of Evangelion 2.0 with Rei drinking the Miso Soup.

 I put this photo on my facebook and people's reactions were hilarious! Ok fair enough you cosplay to film you really like but dining in a restaurant in cosplay? This is something I normally wouldn't do. :p Sure something to tell your grandkids I suppose. When I looked out the window a group of Asian (I think Japanese) girls walked by and recognized my cosplay and shouted "Rei" :P

A big thanks to the Access Cinema for organising  a great day! I really had an enjoyable weekend, doing two photoshoots and cosplaying as Rei to the Evangelion Marathon, seeing my favourite anime of all time on the big screen. :)


  1. That is such a cool idea and Evangelion is one where you need to watch it in session.

  2. I saw you there & thought it was really cool that you cosplayed for it, I should've said hi. Also it was my first time at that cinema and it's really nice! must go there more often

  3. Hi Ian sorry for the delay in reply. I am glad you enjoyed the Evangelion Marathon. I really enjoyed cosplaying at it. Nice to meet you. See you around at the conventions ect.