Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Passion is a vitue if you want it it will come

I read a few cosplay articles awhile ago, one was from Kotaku and was about a well known cosplayer Alodia. I first came across Alodia when I discovered the site figure.fm and ever since then there has been numerous articles about her and her successes as a cosplayer. Fair play to her for getting herself out there especially in a niche market and in a niche culture. I think this blog post will explain abit more about my interest as a cosplayer for the ones who read my blog and don't really understand it.

In this article from Kotaku, Alodia explains that cosplay,

"as a form of art," she tells Kotaku. "It's not just dressing-up." For the 22-year-old, cosplay incorporates craft, sewing, make-up, wig and hair styling, photography, acting and more. "And most of all, cosplay crosses geographical barriers,"

When I started of as a cosplayer back in 2006 it was like fancy dress at a con to me, I use to only cosplay at cons. Over time I would spend hours browsing cosplay sites and seeing amazing cosplayers like models posing in artistic photos. Cosplay can be pretty much like modelling but it is in costume and you are playing a person. Also with cosplay depending on your situation and environment you have no choice but to make your costume and become good at make up so over time you become very talented in costume making and in make up art. I defiantly agree with Alodia that cosplay is a full time job and a one man band.

Even because of her cosplays and being in popular media there has been talks of her being offered a role for a Hollywood movie being World Of Warcraft. This was because she cosplayed as one of the characters from it and really resembled the character and maybe because of her popularity. I find that amazing, a cosplayer being asked to be in a movie.

Here is an amusing video of Alodia talking about cosplay on a TV show.

I really believe if you want to get good at something you need to look up to people who became successful so they will motivate you and you know you can get there yourself if you tried, instead of mumbling in disgusting jealousy.

Another amazing article I read about cosplay motivation and how it betters people was about a girl called Michelle Pearl who promised her mother after she died of cancer that she will loose weight and better herself. She bettered herself through cosplay. It was because of her love for the video game character Samus Aran she motivated herself to loose weight and work on the cosplay to the best it can be.

Sometimes even a fictional character, is enough to give you a powerful dose of inner strength.
Michelle Pearl

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