Friday, March 11, 2011

I'm losing ground you know how this world can beat you down I'm made of clay I fear I'm the only one who thinks this way

I couldn't believe it today when a friend showed me coverage of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Natural disaster are horrible and I recall the Haiti earthquake and the Thai tsunami, how horrible there were. At least Japan is a developed and has protection against these disasters but still all in all I prey. I prey for people I know over there that they are ok.. People I talk to every now and then on cosplay sites I hope they are ok..

While coming across other anime, Japanese related forums and people talking about it had me thinking.. I never been to Japan but always wanted to go there but I feel deep down over this accident and feel a deep connection. Japanese culture was always a big influence to me growing up and even now. I was always attracted to Asian culture and became attracted to Japanese culture as I would watch alot of it on TV and then came across anime and manga. When watching anime cartoons on Sci-Fi (the golden days for me) I became more attracted to Japanese culture and it made me happy the whole Japanese school girl look, cute clothes, moe, kimonos, tea ceremonies, art, their fantasies, history..

I like it all and it felt a place for me. My escapism I suppose. My direction and happiness is all Japan, anime, manga related being cosplay. If it wasn't for Japan, I would have never got into anime, if it wasn't for anime I would have never got into cosplay and if it never was for cosplay I wouldn't be this happy and doing what I am doing now. I suppose it can be quite normal for someone to have a belonging to another country like my sister loves France and you would call her Frenchie. I have said to people call me Japany as you can see I am very Japanese influenced in my clothing and such yet maintain my Irishness. :p

So I thought I am the only one who feels this way? I guess not.. and it is good to know.


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  2. Definitely not the only one who feels this way :)