Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Experience Japan was a blast!

Experience Japan came and went. I really enjoyed the day and it was lovely meeting so much people. It was a surprise that many of the Japanese volunteers knew I was cosplaying as Ayanami Rei and kept shouting at me, "Ayanami" and wanted to get pictures with me. :p I was like, "wow you know who I am" which I am not use to. I know Rei is a celebrity in Japan but cosplaying as her in Ireland she wouldn't be that well known so I guess it was nice that people recognised my character.

Fiona who runs the cosplay events with me at Eirtakon (Ireland's oldest and one of the largest anime/manga cons) kindly helped me out and so did Stephen who was a former Eitakon director. At the beginning of the day, while Fiona and I were getting into our costumes, we were in a sweat, worried how the day would turn out but we knew it would be fun. We both did a cosplay seminar, explaining about cosplay and saying that our aim was to promote it in Ireland. I think we got a few people interested. A woman in her 40s come up to Fiona and I afterwards saying she never heard about it and now she is very interested in it. WE also got a guy at the end of the day saying he was very shocked that cosplay actually excited here in Ireland and is maybe planning on doing a cosplay documentary.

Thankfully the cosplay showcase went very well, I had to interview three very good cosplayers about their costumes and about cosplay. The Lolita fashion show went down well to. Kathyrin who cosplayed from Final Fantasy had an amazing costume with big black wings, she won the cosplay masquerade at Eirtakon and will be one of the Irish representatives in the European Cosplay Championships at London Expo in October. She really stole the show at Experience Japan as while talking to her, every second crowds of people would want to take photos of her. It was fun posing for photos with the other cosplayers and meeting people.

The Japan Day was like a music festival being in the out doors, people on picnic rugs and sitting on float-able chairs. It was a lovely and colourful atmosphere. The girls were so pretty in their kimonos, I really want to wear one. The martial arts stage looked fantastic and it was pity that I didn't get to really see it.

Despite that little stress, it really was a great and enjoyable day and was alittle sad it was over. I can't wait until next year as the events will be better. I am raging I didn't get any photos and ranging that I didn't get someone to record the cosplay showcase and the Lolita fashion show. Sure keep on eye on my blog, as I may steal some photos around FB and put them in. ;p

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