Monday, April 4, 2011

I need a miricle to get me through the day

On Friday I had great fun. I had a photoshoot again as my favourite character Rei Ayanami in Waterford which is a 3 hour journey from Dublin. I shot with Trev from Deise Photography.

Trev contacted me on Folio32 he showed an interest in my cosplays especially the Rei one. I really enjoyed myself shooting with him. He took some photos in his house as he has a studio there. I was posing with a samurai sword and posed like a cute doll in a treasure chest box. The highlight of the day was going to Tramore it's Irish original name being Tra Mor which translates to big beach because it is a very big beach. Trev took photos of me as Rei while it was very windy and rained abit, but I found this very exciting, my wig blowing and I tried to act like Marylin Manroe holding my skirt down. It was hilarious posing at the sea shore and I had to run quickly away from it as the sea hurried towards my feet. Trev was a nice guy to talk to and he showed a great interest in cosplay because it is new. He hopes to develop a photography business so I wish him the best of luck with it and hope to shoot with him again in the future. If you are ever come to Ireland I would recommend paying Tramore a visit, it really is a lovely, summer seaside town.

Also I was at an Experience Japan meeting and they want me to promote cosplay at it every year. Just to explain Experience Japan is a a major Japanese cultural festival held in Pheonix Park (Europe's largest urban park) in Dublin every year. I done a cosplay talk and showcase at it last year and it went down very well. I am so glad cosplay is getting more recognised here in Ireland and my aim is to promote it. :) I am delighted. I will also be doing an education cosplay panel at it too. I am thinking of cosplaying as Rei in her cute white short yukata if I can get this cosplay down for the 17th of April.

Also Lara who I know from the Irish Lolita group is organising a cosplay fund raise event for the Japanese victims of the tsunami in in Dublin this Saturday. I will also be cosplaying as Rei in her school uniform at this. If you are an Irish reader and interested in coming along, details are;

Meeting at 12 at the top of Grafton St. I assume the Stephens Green shopping centre end. I will get a fried to take photos of these events and will put them in my blog, for you all to see. :)

Well that's it for now, still loads of photos to upload a few of simplytied preview photos soon enough, I was really happy that I received positive reactions from these photos, William would be happy. For once it is actually great to be busy. :)

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