Sunday, October 16, 2011

Cosplay update - Eirtakon

So I am working on my new cosplay which is C.C. from Code Geass in this costume.

Yesterday, thanks to Nora, Stephen and Fiona we got lots of bits and pieces of the costume and I will be heading to Noras on Sunday to work on it. I have ordered my wig, my old one was very tacky and is now a frizz ball. :P Thankfully Wildcat in Dublin have gold, brown lenses which are C.C's eyes so I can just get them there. This cosplay will be for Eirtakon a big anime and manga convention I run the cosplay events with Fiona every November. I have been working with Eirtakon for a few years and really enjoy it. I will someday blog about how I got involved and how I worked myself up to Cosplay Ireland and running other events. :)

I will also cosplay in my other C.C. costume, which is my favourite costume I have as it is very striking.

Here is a picture of me cosplaying with Matt Gaffney cosplaying as Zero which is a very impressive costume. This was for the Eirtakon Cosplay Calender we done back for 2010. It was to raise money for Temple Street Children's Hospital, Dublin but unfortunely didn't sell very well. You can see my wig is beginning to turn into the frizzball stage. There were fun times. This picture was taken at Dublin Castle and there was lots of tourists taking our photos. :p

I will be so happy when I get a better wig and lenses as I can get good photos of this costume. I like C.C. similar to Rei I see myself in her abit the way she can be cheeky and flirtious. :P I will also be cosplaying as Rin again from Fate Stay Night as Liam O' Brian who does the voice of Archer is our guest of honour! I would love to make this costume too for Eirtakon but time would be an issue. So as tradition goes, I have to get a photo with a voice actor who voices from a series I cosplay from.

Also yesterday I went as Cosplay Ireland to the Dublin Comic and Toy Mart to judge the cosplay contest but nobody cosplayed. :P Awh well it was nice meeting Emmett who was running the event. So stay tuned and I will upload some progress shots. :)


  1. Really looking forward to seeing that C.C. cosplay! Sounds awesome :)

  2. that does look like a great cosplay of CC you did. Like Hotaru, I am looking forward to seeing more as well.

  3. Thanks alot. Hope it turns out well. :)