Sunday, October 16, 2011

Diva Destruction

I came across as good darkwave goth band named Diva Destruction while browzing youtube the other night. They are from the nighties, I always get into good stuff really late like anime, Evangelion, good music ect. I really like them. As a fan of goth music they really remind me of slow, goth tunes like Sisters Of Mercy alittle bit but are more electronic. Diva Destrcution are very relaxing to listen to. Debrah the main singer has a beautiful voice which is haunting and leaves you with an eerie feeling. She also sounds very fragile and soft which I like to.

It was the image of the singer Debrah Fogarty which got me listening to their tunes. Her image reminds me alittle of Jessica Fondera from Jack of Jill, the doll, goth look with her tiara but is more mature. Here are a few tunes I really like from them.

This song, In Dreaming is one of the most beautiful songs I ever heard.

Other good songs I like from them.

I unfortunely can't find much information of this band but here was an interesting piece on them on

Some great photos I am inspired to do, put alittle of anime, dolfie into the look. I use to dress goth alot when I was younger but I never really fitted in with the culture and I couldn't dress goth everyday, I would get bored. :p I do really like this kinda look though and I always appreciate goth music. I think Diva Destruction are my current obsession and I want to try and get one of their albums if I can. I would highly recemmend listening to them if you are into castlevania, vampire esque, dark Depoche Mode, Aural Vampire and the like.


  1. They definitely have that goth vibe and sound.

    I love the gothic fashion as it always shows that dark sexy side of humanity.

  2. Yeah as a person really into art, I really appreciate goth culture. I don't live, eat breed Goth but I like some aspects of their culture, fashion and the music. Also yes Goth does really show the sexy dark side of humanity.

    I have always been interested in doing crossover goth cosplays with anime as Goth isn't an anime steorotype so it would be interesting and different. :)

  3. Wow! I haven't seen anyone who knew them in a long time. Good to know someone else has similar tastes in non-Japanese music :D I'm quite into gothic/industrial music and culture, and I have some Diva Destruction in my playlist ;) Broken Ones has been one of my favorites by them for a long time. I also used to goth out now and then, and still have lots of my gothic goodies laying around that see the light of day once in a while.

  4. Awh cool. It is nice to meet another otaku into goth music and culture. I just randomly found this band and I am mad about them. I really like Debrah's image and I am inspired to do a somewhat dolfie Debrah inspired shoot. Their msuic is really gorgeous. It is great to meet another fan. :)

    I really like industrial too like some Ministry, KFMDM, Rammstein and love NIN.