Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Halloween was good, we got a train in the morning and got to Belfast at 12.30. The train ride was lovely and very scenic. Here is Stephen and I getting ready for our day out.

We then met Brendan who takes my cast photos, we just met up with him for a coffee because he lives in Belfast. Jax who goes by the name silverhairedsamruai on DeviantArt met up with us. I met Jax ages ago on cosplay.com just by commenting her photos. Her photos really impressed me and I was delighted to find a cosplayer who models like myself living nearby. Jax does alot of crossplaying and she is very good at it. Do check her cosplays out - http://silverhairedsamurai.deviantart.com/

Jax looked amazing in her American Mc gee's Alice cosplay. We had a nice chat about cosplay and stuff. Brendan then headed off and done a small shoot with Jax, so I am looking forward to seeing the pictures. Jax and I are going to shoot together and we are thinking of doing injured lolita shoot to go with the cast look but I just remembered our idea that we wanted to do a while ago the C.C. and lelouch shoot! I have my new C.C. wig and will get lenses and eye lash glue and will show a progress picture. Unfortunely the rain kinda ruined the Halloween spirit but it was fun nevertheless. I didn't really have time to work on a halloween costume and settled on doing a killer doll but I felt silly walking around Belfast with horror make up on so I just wore a cute doll outfit with black and white stripped tights. We ended the day going to TGI Fridays which was delicious! I took some cute Halloween decorations in Victoria Square.

Hope you all had a nice Halloween!


  1. Ours was not as exciting as the apartment complex we live in decided to have Trick or Treat on 10/27. My son got some candy, but never really dressed up as he was a 'Sk8R Boy'.

    Jax looks great in her American McGee's Alice cosplay. It is the only game I actually have on my computer.

  2. Awh sorry top hear that. :( It was because of the rain it kinda killded Halloween but I enjoyed myself.

    Yeah Jax looks great. :) I plan on cosplaying as Alice. I am not really into modern computer games can't get use to them. :p I only like America McGee's Alice and the Batman games really, I love the the N64 games like Zelda, Mario and Sonic.