Sunday, November 20, 2011

OK first of...

Ok first of I apologise for the lack of bloggage and shoots, cosplays etc. I was so busy with Eirtakon and straight after I had to focus on my presentation.

Firstly Eirtakon was a blast! The feedback we have been getting is very postive and alot of people seem happy with the amount of events we had. I chatted to lots of people and had alot of fun! Fiona and I both ran the skits and masquarade. I was one fo the judges and really enjoyed it. I ran the cosplay stage show which was abit of a laugh as I interviewed the cosplayers and some really got into character. I loved Batman, he freaked everyone out hiding in corners. Unfortunely due to visa problems Yaya Han couldn't make it to Eirtakon but we had the pleasure of having Judith Stephens worldwide known cosplay photographer who also works for Marvel comics. She was nice to talk to and was really down to earth. Also I loved our guest of honour Liam O' Brian who drank with us on the Friday. There is a picture of me as Rin Tohsaka with Liam as he done the voice of Archer. I will upload it when I get it. It was also nice talking to Destiny Blue who is a full time manga artist from the UK. She is very talented.

I unfortunely didn't have a camera so couldn't get any photos but here are a few good ones. This was photo was taken by Kevin Sullivan one of the attendees, I thank him for that.

More images of Eirtakon can be found here on our FB page. Also here is a great and fun video.


  1. You were there? I was looking around for you on the Saturday. I was there on Friday too.

    I was however wearing a gas mask so could see feck all most of the time. lol

  2. Hey!

    No way! I didn't see you at all. Where you at the pub quiz? o_0 I seen Athony a good few times.

  3. Yeah :(. I was sitting beside Anthony althought I got there a round or 2 into the pub quiz. I was cosplaying as s.t.a.l.k.e.r. lol.