Monday, November 21, 2011

Cosplay College Presentation

On Friday, I had to come into college in my C.C. cosplay from Eirtakon. I really feel brave doing the presentation in cosplay but giving it is an art college many wouldn't bat an eyelid. My presentation was short and sweet. I had to argue that Cosplay is a new postmodern artform and argue why it should get funding from an arts council.

I argued the future oppprtunities cosplay had with tourism such as themed cafes, teaching sewing skills, business. I argued cosplay being a growing market. I think the presentation went well. I should of got someone to record it or take pictures but awh well. I talk abit about my business too. If there was a way I could upload the powerpoint that would be good but unsure.

Researching was really hard as I emailed a few groups but haven't heard back and James who runs the MCM EuroCosplay at London Expo kindly gave me lots of information on funding on some cosplay events on in the UK, so that helped alot. :)

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