Saturday, June 16, 2012

C.C. Photoshoot and World Cosplay

Yesterday I done a C.C. from Code Geass shoot with Stephen Hedley. Jay who I know from Eirtakon and goes by the modelling name Mechanic Geisha accompanied me to the shoot. It was good fun and Stephen is fun to work with! He took photos of me in my two current costumes the Black Knight uniform and the Flightsuit costume I wore at Eirtakon 2011. We came up with cool ideas and Jay was great when it came to posing. I had so much on this week that I was quite tried at the shoot so my head was alittle fried but I had great fun nevertheless! I told Stephen I will be back. I should hopefully have the photos next week and I look forward to them. :)  It is great to finally get around to having studio photos of these costumes so I can add them to my cosplay portfolio.

Speaking of cosplay portfolio I joined WorldCosplay, you can view my account here. I will be adding more photos. I really like the site as it is very animated and it seems very professional. It also really reminds me of ModelMayhem but for cosplay as they are many photos not just showcasing the costume. That was the one thing I liked about CosplayersCure it is one of the few sites that focused on modelling and they were many cosplayers who came up with great ideas for pictures. So it is fantastic to see more cosplay modelling sites. The only downsides to WorldCosplay is it is not very social networking, it is more of a site for cosplayers to showcase their images and people who like their work can follow them. You can't comment or TAG which would of been good. With cosplay getting very creative and involving alot more people there should be options to set up different accounts eg Make Up Artist, Designer, Art Director, Stylist, there is not even an option for a photographer account. I hope with Cosplay Ireland we can put these features in to involve many people involved with cosplay. I think Cosplay has come such a long way and it is great to see it becoming a modelling and performing art.


  1. Looking forward to you photos that were taken bu Steven. From the few I have seen of your C.C. cosplay, it will be great.

    Just followed you over at WorldCosplay :D It is a nice site and is more of a way to see your cosplay than to social network. A social site opened up that I am on called SocialCos ( that may be of interest to you.

  2. Yeah they should be good. :) Thank you. I saw CosSocial advertised on Twitter. It reminds me of Cosspace do you remember that? Cosspace was the first cosplay site I joined. I wrote about it in my very first blog post.

    I might join later, I just dont want to be on too many sites as I would get burned out. :p I am on a good few sites and only use use three of them. I remember you done a blog on different cosplay sites and you mentioned CosWorld which I thought was a good site. I am not sure if it took off but I was thinking of contacting the person who ran it and maybe share some ideas.