Tuesday, June 12, 2012

News :)

Things have been going well. I didn't get the Verve Marketing interview but awh well. I don't think it was well suited for me anyway. It was a great experience working at IMMA. It was a nice family celebration and I was doing the catering, setting up the room and serving tea and coffee and food to attendees. The event took place in the Chapel in IMMA which is only open at rare occasions so it was nice to be in it. The Chapel was very beautiful with stain glass windows. The event had an Indian theme and the presentation was beautifully done.

I am just trying now to focus on cosplays, Cosplay Ireland, shoots and get more experience in cultural events. I am also going to do an Even portfolio Susan suggested. Also last week I got my results and did really well! I got my one "A" in the Business Plan that caused me so much problems. :p I am delighted so I will have my Postgraduate in Event Management. :)

 I wil be shooting with Stephen Hedley this Friday in two of my C.C. costumes which I am looking forward to. It will be the start of the Cosplay project and will be interesting working together.

The big news for tonight is! I will be dining with the Ambassador of Japan at his residance tonight along with the Experience Japan committee. The Japanese Ambassador Chihiro Atsumi want to thank us for the success of running the Experience Japan Festival. It really is an honor and a night to remember. I will let you know how I got on. :)


  1. Congrats on everything and even meeting a dignitary from Japan. It just shows that hard work and dedication to something you love will get you in the doors.

    Have fun :D

  2. Thanks very much. I am just glad to see cosplay being regonised by the Embassy of Japan when they are negative connotations.