Monday, July 16, 2012

Arcadecon 2012!

I had a blast at Arcadecon. I got talking to cool comic artists and catching up with friends. The cosplays were fantastic!
Fiona looking great as Bad Girl.
Fiona and I doing a Cosplay Ireland panel which we done on the Sunday. We gave a brief introduction and spoke about our plans in promoting cosplay as an art.
More pictures can be seen on my FB. Blogger takes far too long to upload pictures. :P


  1. Looks like everyone had fun, but that lady in the last photo :(

    Seems that Predator is a big draw in Ireland as there were several cosplayers.

  2. Some damn fine cosplaying going on there. I'm quite annoyed that I missed this,

  3. @bluedrakon: That is Vicky in the last photo, she is a designer and looks serious most of the time in her pictures it suits her. She is nice though.

    The Predators were from an organisatin named Predator Ireland- they do events, promotions and is a community for film costumers, kinda like what I want to do with Cosplay Ireland.

    @Seán: The cosplay was outstanding! I really think Irish standard is geting better and better. It was really difficult judging the masquarade.