Thursday, July 19, 2012

Video Footage of Arcadecon

Here are two videos I am featured in which were taken at Arcadeon. The first video has been done by Corey from Irish Cosplay who is the Irish equivalent to Acksonl in the States. He has done fantastic cosplay music promotional videos and I plan on working with him in doing promotional videos for the Cosplay Ireland website. I am featured towards the end and the cosplay in it is excellent! Corey and Tomii did a great job putting this video together.
This video I am featured in the begining of it. I was interviewed by Nikki Ward on my thoughts with Arcadecon and spoke about Cosplay Ireland and CosArt. It is an entertaining video as con goers and guests give their thoughts. Professor Elemental who is known for being a Steampunk rapper and was a guest is hilarious in the video.


  1. \(^_^)/ Not only are you in 2 videos, but we get to hear your lovely voice.

  2. Blah! I have real Dublin accent whcich I am not happy with. I also need to practice acting infront of the camera I looked very distracted. :p Thanks alot though. :)