Tuesday, July 10, 2012

My Babydoll Wig

I got my Babydoll wig for cosplaying at ArcadeCon this weekend. I really like the film SuckerPunch. Great soundtrack, action and great story about exploited women which was told very well. I felt SuckerPunch was a "cosplay" kinda movie with living in our hard ordinary worlds, escaping to fantasy being heroes. I also felt it somewhat highlighted the dark, erotic side to cosplaying or to anything of an erotic art as something could be misunderstood on the surface but if looked deeper there is a deeper meaning. I really like the character Babydoll she reminds me abit of Rei Ayanami as on the surface she comes across as innocent, weak, submissive, cute, then deeper she is a very strong person, kicks ass and fights for what she believes in. Like I said great soundtrack! As I mentioned on D.A. I like to cosplay to suit the event and given ArcadeCon is a mixed convention I thought cosplaying as Babydoll was perfect giving she is a film character but has the Japanese and anime influence. Also love Seifuku. <3
I am really happy with the wig. It is perfect and just like real hair! It also came in a neat box which is fantastic for storage.
And this is what the costume will be made from.
Will be uploading progress shots soon!


  1. I thought the movie could of been a bit better, but the soundtrack is great.

    I am surprised by how well the wig is just being in that small packaging. I look forward to seeing your cosplay of this :D

  2. Thanks! I am also looking forward to getting some good pictures. :)