Friday, December 28, 2012

Interview with CosplayerNation

Before Christmas myself, Fiona and Jay aka Mechanic Geisha who on the Cosplay Ireland team done an interview about the cosplay scene in Ireland for CosplayerNation who do cosplay documentries around the world. We were very glad to be in this video.


  1. This is an awesome idea of a video interview.

    Everyone did a great job and I really liked hearing your voices. It is one of the things that normal web interviews miss. With the extra dialogue, you definitely get a better incite to cosplay in Ireland :^D

  2. You manage to pull a silly face in all of the Youtube preview frames!

    But you don't notice it in the video itself :) Your dress is adorable too.

  3. Thanks alot bluedrakon. I normally hate my voice as I tend to have a strong accent but I enjoy listening to these interviews on what we have to say.

    To be honest this was my first public video interview therefore I was really nervous but enjoyed taking part. I think I might have came across as too excited and not natural. I wish I was more relaxed and calm. I will be more aware for future interviews, it is all a learning experience.