Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Irish Dramas are not all that bad (NSFW)

Ok we can't really compete with Japanese Anime, Korean Dramas and hit American TV shows but I am really enjoying Irish gangster drama Love/Hate. It has superb acting, good character development. The Irish are always getting knocked for their acting but this one is a real gem. I am not sure how well it is doing internationally. It ain't no Sopranos or Breaking Bad but it is a good show for an Irish drama. You might enjoy it.


  1. It looks interesting. I am sure if it does become a hit, the US will rip it off like all the BBC shows.

  2. It really isn't a bad series for Irish TV but I suppose if you compare it to international shows you see the flaws.

    Sure there is an American Inbetweeners and The Office. :p