Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Very Busy New Year

I really can't believe Christmas is next week! I am really looking forward to it and will soon be ready for it. Well I have big news, I finally got an internship with an event management company, it is from January to June and I will be working 9-5pm Monday to Tuesday. I look forward to starting and seeing what I come out with and what experience I will gain. I feel this is one step closer getting to my dream. Of course I will still continue my modelling and cosplaying and will try and do professional style shoots for my image. I also need to get back to doing my professional website.

I will be really busy with the Experience Japan Festival which will be held around April. We will be doing a seminar series and will be running events leading up to the festival around cultural museums and galleries in Dublin. In the works, I will be doing a seminar on the arts of cosplay with Fiona and we will be doing many seminars on Anime, Manga, Japanese pop culture and on Japanese traditional culture. I will also try my best to be very productive on this blog and will update the cosplay-educational blog.

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