Saturday, September 24, 2011

College :)

Lets just say the last two days have been very productive.. Well a new chapter starts in my life, Amy goes back to college for the fourth time. I had my first day yesterday and I am really liking everything so far. The lecturers seem really nice, my class is quite small and are all ages from mid 20s upwards which is nice. I really like being in a small class as I get to know everyone and it will be a good help with group projects and the like. Also we get to know our lectures better.

I am currently studying Cultural Event and Business Management which is a one year postgraduate Diploma in IADT Dun Laoighre, which is a lovely seaside town not far from Dublin city centre. I would recommend it a place to visit! :) What I really like about the course is, it is not that you got your ordinary business modules and then you got your cultural modules. The course is very cultural and arts focused. While at Strategic Management the lecturer was really interesting and the lecture was thought from an art industry point of view. It was really amusing when we had to introduce ourselves and I was telling the lecturers about my goals in doing something with cosplay, Cosplay Ireland and explained what cosplay was, while the majority of the people in my course are looking at going into business theatre or arts admin. Jenny my Strategic Management lecturer seemed very interested and even took down the Cosplay Ireland website and will look up cosplay. I know alot of people who even cosplay alot feel really awkward explaining cosplay to others because they feel they never will "get it." Cosplay has bit of its negative quality because cosplay is linked to costumes eeeh may equal fetish and then you got the "nerd" thing. But it is the reason why I am in college to hopefully set up a business in cosplay and promote it so I might as well tell my classmates and lecturers about it no matter how awkward it is for me. Thankfully in Ireland we tend to appreciate things that are really different and there is a demand for cosplay. We really have come a long way from the dark days and we do need escapism.

I actually feel this course is very suited for me and I am going to learn alot from it. The course won't be easy and there is alot of work! All ready I have to read 7 chapters about Stratgenic Management for next week and have an essay to do in Law about contracts. It's gonna be fun! :p I have booked in a shoot tomorrow as Rin Toshaka from Fate Stay Night. It is going to be an outdoor shoot, maybe we will get pictures around Christ Church and Gothic places around Dublin. I have many Rin ideas in the works for other shoots and can't wait to get her wig but it might be awhile. :( I think with the work load with college, I am going to have to maybe cut down on shoots but will try and do the odd ones, I also have to start up a Cosplay Ireland twitter and do promotions.


  1. Wow, that sounds like the perfect course for you! It's so inspiring to see you doing all this stuff to work towards your dream.

    Best of luck with it all :)

  2. hey thanks alot! It is great to see you working towards your goals too. How are you finding college?

    You should defiantly join the Anime and Manga Society and the Japanese Society. :)

  3. Lectures start tomorrow so I'm pretty nervous - but excited too! Orientation went grand last week anyway.

    I plan to join both of those and try to get involved a bit :)

  4. Awh I really hope all works out for you. :)

  5. Glad I am past the college phase, but enjoyed it as I was a Commercial Arts Major.

    I am glad to hear the the classes are looking good as that will keep you motivated.

  6. Thanks alot! :) That sounds good Commercial Arts Major.