Tuesday, September 13, 2011

GeekEasy Cosplay Gathering

The event went really well. Despite not having lots of people there, it was a good turn out. The event was hosted by NoamiBomb, The Chronic Candies and myself from Cosplay Ireland.

Yep that is me as Harli Quinn, Noami in the middle and Lauren from the Chronic Candies as Poison Ivy. As the theme was comics, I realised I hadn't any comic cosplay so I had borrow Noami's Harley costume. I really like it, classy Harley.

A cool soulette photo Anna took.

So we started of the event with me telling people about Cosplay Ireland and explaining what is cosplay. Then Noami showed images of Yaya Han a professional cosplayer and model, then showed images of conventions where you would find cosplay and showed images of her own cosplays. Then Lauren from The Chronic Candies talked abut cosplay burlesque and showed videos of their act from Banter in the Attic.

We all gather around to listen to Mark's words of wisdom. That guy there in the yellow t-shirt cosplaying from Left 4 Dead is Mark Hall. He is very much involved with the gaming and comic con scene and ran the big Dublin zombie walk which was a hugh success. He gave me lots of great advice on running Cosplay Ireland and on how to please everyone because it is very true comic fans stick to their comics and anime fans stick to anime, they don't tend to crossover very well but some do, so you need to know where you stand and how to do it.

That is James a journalist from UCD. He came along with an interest in cosplay and is going to write an article on the event for the University College Dublin magazine which is fantastic more press! He wants me to stay in contact with him so he can write about future cosplay events.

Amazing Left 4 Dead cosplay.

Cliona and Stephen. Stephen was great to talk to as he is part of a largely ran costume group who focus on Star Wars and sci-fi costumes. There are called the Emerald Garrison. They take part at costume related events and run the big Star Wars convention in the RDS, Dublin. The interesting part was Stephen said he doesn't consider himself a cosplayer and neither do the group. They see cosplay as more Japanese and if you cosplay as a character from a Western show it is seen as costuming not cosplay. I see this as very interesting and people are welcomed to have their own views. We hope to collaborate with them celebrating the costume culture even though are main target is Japanese cosplay but we like to welcome all of the costume arts. The Emerald Garrison is very impressive and they are professional costumers and prop makers involved.

Mark giving me great advice on how to run Cosplay Ireland. We plan on meeting up and discussing things this Wednesday.

Noami looking swell with a gun and me in the background taking notes.

That is Jason on the far right who is also part of the Emerald Garrison. He makes props and sold a Predator prop for 200E. He also likes to be involved with Cosplay Ireland. The event went really well and I really look forward the the next one. Brendan will love this :p at the next GeekEasy Cosplay Gathering I would like to talk about cast cosplay and show some of the images. It would be interesting to see what people think about it. :p Maybe if Jay Mechanic Geisha is free she could join me. :P

Here is the Emerald Garrison website - http://www.irelandgarrison.com/garrison/home.html

It is very impressive and they just done a promotional Star Wars cosplay event in HMV Dublin. It would be amazing if Cosplay Ireland could one day do anime or video game promotions at these events.


  1. It is great that you all got together for this. It is always best to talk with others who have similar experience so you can best setup your site.

    I am very much looking forward to Cosplay Ireland and see it grow international :)

  2. Ah thanks alot! It is quite hard and it is a long slippery slope and you must overcome many obsclee but I know I will get there in the end. :)

    Thanks alot for your support, the forums are up atm I need to put up more interesting threads and advertise it alot more to the point people are sick of hearing about it! :P http://cosplay-ireland.com/forum/ There are a few people posting on it so it is a start. :)