Monday, September 5, 2011


Photos of the Cosplay Ireland event. Pics taken by Kieran Broderick. That is me cosplaying as Ero-Lolita Rei Ayanami towards the left. The pther people are people I know from Eirtakon the anime convention I am aprt of.

The rest of the photos.

Fiona my mad cosplay partner in crime.

Me being the host of the night and doing my speech. I was really nervous, I was more nervous seeing the photos afterwards in fear I looked really drunk because people saying I was. :p

That is NoamiBomb one of the cosplay burlesque performers, more of her cosplays can be seen here.

The Chronic Candies and Bubbmgum Harley being the next performers. There were really good!

More photos can be seen here. :)

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