Tuesday, August 30, 2011

A Rei Ayanami shoot

I also had great fun shooting again with David Kennedy who done the fanfastic anime fashion shoot of me. He took photos of me in my schoolgirl Rei Ayanami cosplay. We done the shoot along the docks in Dublin and it was cool getting photos in a train station like the series and in run done areas. David was a fun photography to work with and really showed eustasim while shooting, he came up with awesome, out of the box ideas for photos. He also got some pictures of me in the the bandages which I can't wait to show off. :) The weather was really cold though and it was very windy but it was worth it.

It was funny before meeting David, I was in my Rei cosplay and wearing a hoody. I was like this when going to meet David. I don't particully like walking in public while in cosplay not just that you get odd stares but you can get hassle of teenagers but as long as I am with a photographer I don't mind it and there wasn't many people around.

My Rei make up, I am kinda getting the hang of doing her eyes.

It took me a few years to get the wings at the end of the eyes like in the animes and I am still improving.

I done some creative editing with these photos. Photoshopping was something I haven't done in awhile.


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  2. hey JamesJr,

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  3. Can I advertise my car here? :p (don't own one lol)

    The blurring of the photos and the refocusing of the red pupils is quite a nice effect.

    BTW: Hoody look suits you :)