Friday, August 5, 2011

Can't sleep, Clowns will eat me.

I have done lots of fun shoots. On Sunday I had such a fun time shooting with David Kennedy from Folio32. That was the anime girl fashion shoot. David was a laugh to work with, I would admit I was kinda nervous at the start as I tend to be nervous when working with first time photographers but David put me at ease with his humour. I have the photos now and I am dying to upload them. The photos look well with the lighting and David kept the anime theme to them.

Here are some of my favourites. David's blog -

More can be seen in my DeviantArt. I will upload more another time.

Also on Monday I had the pleasure to shoot with Anna aka Sweet Junkie Girl and Lauren aka Pixiestyxx who are in a cosplay burlesque group called the The Chronic Candies. Stephen took the photos. It was funny shooting around Dublin in our big dreads. Anna makes dreadfalls and is hoping to run a business in dread making. I have known her a few years at the annime con I am part of Eirtakon, she is very creative and friendly. Lauren is nice, she is very into burlesque. I look forward to seeing them two perform at Nomcon.

Then on Wednesday had a great time shooting with Mechanic Geisha an excellent alternative model who I also known from Eirtakon. Brendan aka mr doagh took the photos, it was fun working with him and we had such a laugh with our arm casts. I wore my pink sweet lolita dress which I haven't wore in awhile and Jay wore punk J- rock so it was a good contrast me in pink and elegant and Jay in black and punk. Brednan is fantastic to work with because he is more then a photographer, he is a friend. :)Also Jay is awesome love to shoot with her more. Love this one. I will upload the rest after Nomcon and I belive Jay is photoshopping some of them, she will do a great job.

Now I have a really busy weekend ahead of me, getting my cosplays togther for Nomcon, another big anime convention on in Dublin. I will be sweet Rei Ayanami from Angelic Days, Rin Tohsaka from Fate Stay Night and for the prom on Saturday night I will be Audrey Hepburn meets Rei Ayanami with an eye patch. Some preview pics.

Please excuse the bad make up, I took these photos while packing for Nomcon and wasn't bothered fixing myself up. Thanks to Brendan I took these photos from a compact camera and now I can bring my compact camera to Nomcon instead of bringing my big camera in fear of it getting stolen.

The Ayanami twist..

So it is gone 1am I am just about packed, just need to get bits and bobs in the morning. I am really looking forward to Nomcon and seeing everyone. I will report back afterwards. Untill good night and have a nice weekend. :)

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