Monday, August 8, 2011

Almost Famous

When I was catching up on updates today, I was really delighted to find a cosplay group called The Best of Cosplay asked me to join their group on DeviantArt. I know nothing major and don't mean to brag but it wasn't only that but I was selected along with other very good and amazing cosplayers I look up to, so it looks like I am getting somewhere. :p

I just want to say thanks to all at Nomcon who commented on my cosplays, it does mean alot and I hope to inspire. J aka Mechanic Geisha said I should do a cosplay modelling panel at Eirtakon telling people that I model and give advice on where to start. I say it could be a good panel but I never liked publishing myself and I use to rather keep my modelling low key so I wouldn't come across as vain, but they are other cosplayers here who do burlesque and have fan pages and giving I am promoting Cosplay Ireland, I really can't keep it low key if I like it or not. :P Also I am networking. :) It would be awesome to do the panel with Yaya.

It is also great that I have been chatting to another cosplayer Naomi who cosplays alot as Harlequin and Deadpool who also does cosplay burlesque and wants to help out with Cosplay Ireland maturing the cosplay image. I hope to collaborate with her and The Chronic Candies and do cosplay burlesque shoots, promoting the site.

Also James Brophy a professional photography who I done a Rei Ayanami shoot with awhile ago really wants to collaborate with me on a big cosplay project which I won't go into detail. :) We want to take cosplay photography to a new level so hopefully it works out.

Oh yes I joined Tumblr- just for my modelling photos and again for networking. I will try and update it as much as I can.


  1. I look forward to seeing what you and James come up with this time! For some reason I am picturing a huge scene with many cosplayers from the same anime interacting with each other.

    I was as nom con for a few hours on Saturday but had to bail as my back went out (yes yes, old man :p) Was looking forward to catching up and all...

    How went the cosplay? Got some damn good accessories for cosplay at eirtakon ;)

  2. Congrats Amy, this is all fantastic news :) It's awesome to see your plans coming to fruition :)