Monday, August 8, 2011


Just recovering from staffing at Nomcon and it was fun but very hard work. The con was under staffed and there were way more people then they expected. Also Nomcon tends to run from 10am to very late at night so it is hard working. It was a very athmospheric con and the cosplays were amazing! I worked in the Bring N Buy all weekend which was good as I got diferent experience and Tree the Artist coordinator and who looked after us was lovely to work with. I didn't get to see much of the con but from hearing other attendees they seem to enjoy themselves.

My highlight over the weekend was performing with Colin who cosplayed as Archer from Fate Stay Night, we both were on the stage posing as Archer and Rin and we both got into character which was great. There were many other highlights, like Totally Dublin a free pop culture magazine interviewed me about cosplay in general and I got Cosplay Ireland out there. I look forward to the article. ^^

I am wrecked right now and will uplioad photos when I recharge the camera. Brendan's camera was great to use at the con so thanks Brendan! :)

Oh sleepzzzz

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