Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sorry you need more lovex

Sorry blogger I haven't been around much. Been so busy but I got some exciting updates to share. :)

Well things are working well with the planning for Cosplay Ireland's first event Banter in the Attic. It is on the 2nd of September, Twisted Pepper Dublin. It is a fundraiser for the website and for future events and there will be sexy cosplay burlesque thanks to the Chronic Candies, Bumblegum Harley and NoamiBomb. It should be fun night! Full info on Facebook.

Also on Saturday, I had a very interesting meeting with Stephen Doyle, a photographer I met awhile ago on modelmayhem. We met for the first time face to face yesterday and it was very interesting. Stephen is about to go into his final year in photography and hopes to go into photography professionally. He is very artistic and wants to bring alot more to a photo then a girl in pretty dress or costume. Stephen wants to do a long term cosplay project about cosplay and identity and how cosplay effects my daily life. It will be fascinating and fun to do. I am very excited about it as in the project I will express cosplaying from a personal point of view. Stephen seemed very interested in cosplay, we both had alot in common as he is very passionate about photography and I am passionate about cosplaying. We also plan on doing these photos from a Cindy Sherman style approach. This Tori Amos album cover comes to mind.

Funny this was a cosplay photo idea I wanted to do awhile ago as it fascinates me that one person can portray different personalities. I am more into playing different people and characters then making very extravagant costumes. I also always wanted to be more then a girl standing there in costume in a photo. I am all for bringing more to the photo, capturing the character's personality. I always thought an Evangelion one would be good, playing Rei, Mari and Asuka's personality in the one photo.

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