Thursday, September 22, 2011

Shoots, college and galore!

I have a few shoots coming up which I look forward to. I have a cosplay shoot maybe this Sunday it hasn't been confirmed yet. This will be a first time photographer who I met on I would of liked to do the shoot as Ero-Lolita Rei Ayanami in the picturesque Iveagh Gardens but my lenses have expired I think and the weather would be too cold to be in a corset so if the shoot us going ahead this Sunday I think I will be Rin Toshaka. I still haven't gotten around to getting her wig so I am just going to make do with my own hair.

Then I will be doing a Ero-lolita shoot with Maik Sinkovec next Thursday which I really can't wait as since I worked with him with the angel Rei shoot I have always been meaning to go back and shoot with him. I am hoping Mechanic Geisha will join me and we can do some role playing scenario. ^^ I would like to do something like below and go for a "Dolfie" look as I would like to get more into Dolfie modelling.

Then I need to get back in touch with Stephen on this cosplay project we are doing. Also I hope to do a cast shoot with Jay aka Mechanic Geisha and Brendan. We have been meaning to this shoot all summer so hopefully we can do it soon.

I will also be busy with Cosplay Ireland and hope to do promotional events and photoshoots for the website and maybe flyers. Fiona and I will be attending London Expo to support Katyrn and John the Irish representatives of the EuroCosplay and we want to spread the word about Cosplay Ireland and network.

Then tomorrow the big day! I go back to college. :) Tommorow it is just orientation but I get to meet my lectures and classmates. I am very excited as I know I will meet interesting people who are career focused and this course will be very relevant. I will feel I am there for a purpose. The college is really nice. I know I am going to be really busy but I will try keep you updated with shoots and doing events with Cosplay Ireland. :) I can't wait to attend London Expo!


  1. For a moment, I thought the Dollfie was a real person. Those are so damn realistic it is scary sometimes.

    I think it must be cool doing the photo shoots with several different photographers. It is interesting seeing how they setup the shots differently.

    I am interested to see how Cosplay Ireland progress.

    Almost forgot, I have been meaning to ask you this for a while. Would you be interested in doing a cosplay interview for my site?

  2. hey,

    yeah some Dolfies can look realistic. Have you ever seen those Candy girls? They are very realistic looking.

    I enjoy shooting with different photographers as each of them are as eccentric as I am and have their own way in shooting styles and such wonderful ideas. They are very interesting peopel too. :)

    I need to start doing a Cosplay Ireland twitter and perhaps put some event pictures on and places to get exposure. Again thanks alot for your support. It is wonderful to meet a cosplay eustatust like yourself and yes I would love to be interviewed.:) Thanks alot!