Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Francesca Dani Coming to Brocon 2010 0_o

Oh man I am really excited right now. I just heard that this lovely professional cosplayer Francesca Dani will be a guest at a new Irish convention Brocon in July. I really like people like this because it goes to show that cosplay is not something that is silly and kiddish and it kinda gives some of us hope. Being a professional cosplayer was always a little small dream of mine and before I heard of these well known cosplayers I thought it could never be possible. She apparently won the World Cosplay Summit in 2005, which is a big competition in Japan a little similar to the Eurovision singing contest. It is not like she is my idol or anything but I really admire people who are well known for something they are good at and made themselves well known especially in cosplay when it is very niche. Being a very passionate cosplayer myself it would be interesting to get to meet someone who is well known and makes a living out if it.

Images taken from her website. Check it out: http://www.francescadani.com/
She seems really talented. So anyone going to Brocon? I really want to go now. I can see her attracting lots of people. ;-)

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