Saturday, March 20, 2010

Warning This Post Contains Spoilers

Friend: So how was Evangelion 2.0?
Amy: Ah it wasn't that good.
Friend: No, really how was it?
Amy: Ah it wasn't....., Oh my God it was the best film ever!! The animation was amazing! The new character Mari was awesome and really interesting! She is insane and Rei is a lot more human and Asuka makes an amazing entrance, fighting an angel and there was a reference from Gunbuster! Oh and in the end it had the most touching scene with Shinji fighting tooth and nail to save Rei! It was all just epic!
Friend: *Downer sigh* ooooh.....
(If you haven't copped it, the dialogue is a reference from The Simpsons when Lisa comes back from seeing the long and epic Itchy and Scratchy movie ;-))

Well I am just back fron the IFI. I had a wonderful time. I was up very early, then when I got into town I had to run to Pennys to grab tights and mascarra for my Mari cosplay. We got to the IFI just after 12 and chatted to an Eirtakon attendee. Appearently there was another cosplayer at the Evangelion showing, he was cosplaying as Gendo Ikari, who had cool black shades. It was funny sitting in the Evangelion 1.0 screening, as I regonised nobody and then when we were sitting for the Evangelion 2.0 screening I regonised lots of people and the theatre room was packed. After the 5m per second screening, which is beautiful film by Motoko Shinkai, Johnothan Clements who writes many articles on anime and two other people from the UK anime industry gave a very interesting talk on the Global Anime Industry.

Evangelion 2.0 really did live up to my hype. I was no way dissappointed. It did look really different to the original series and as much as I loved Rei in the original as she was creepy, bearly talked and distanced, I actually liked the way her personailty is becoming more developed. In the movie you see her going to events with Asuka, Shinji, Kenske and Toji and she becomes very involved with the other characters. She is also a stronger person. Mari was really funny and is insane. Before I saw the movie, I thought she would be arrogant and a bitch but she is not. She is very like Harliquinn from Batman but is..... nice, not evil. The movie had everyone in stiches with it's humour.

After the movie, Jonthan Clements, Andrew and Hugh gave a talk about the film itself and the popularity of Evangelion. There was a small reception party on afterwards but I just headed home. I will be going back to the IFI tomorrow but we will be only going to see Gundam Unicorn. Unfortunely I lost one of my Rei plugsuit interfaces which were attached to my hairband. I am hoping someone would of found it tomorrow but I doubt it. Sure there weren't that expensive so I should be able to buy them again.

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