Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I don't care if Monday's blue. Tuesday's gray and Wednesday too, Thursday I don't care about you, it's Friday, I'm in love

Oh boy, I really have a busy week ahead of me even though it is my reading week it is going to be very eventful. Monday I will be working. Tuesday, I will be having a meeting with my supervisor about my dissertation, then Wednesday is St. Patrick's Day, and I will be meeting up with the Irish Lolita group. Then Thursday, I have a photoshoot with Kieran, then Friday and Saturday, the big event! The IFI Anime Film Festival. I will actually get to see Rebuild of Evangelion 2.0. on the big screen. Being the nerd I am, I will be cosplaying as Mari Illustrious Makinami to this event.

I will be looking out for other cosplayers. ;-) I have a feeling that the Evangelion screenings will be black as they are lots of talk about it on and eirtakon.

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