Monday, March 29, 2010

Sugar and Candy and Everything Nice...

Well during lance's swell house party bash on the Saturday night, Jen aka kewtbutpycho showed me this wig she plans to get for normal wear.

I think it is really adorable and I am tempted to get it myself for sweet Lolita. Ok I am not one for pink but I like to experiment and be different at times. I would like to wear it with the pink sweet lolita dress I have (which I think it doesn't fit me anymore) or get myself a pink sweet lolita dress. I would love to do a photoshoot or look similar to the lolita in these photos. I really like these photos as it goes against the whole sweet, innocent look and they are wicked. I find them full of inspiration. ;-)

Full of other inspirations too.

1 comment:

  1. isso parece um fetiche de doce misturado com lolita *w* ashuahsuahsua