Thursday, April 1, 2010

Eirtakon Wins Best Event 2009 at the DCU Clubs and Stocs Awards!!

I am still shocked over this. I was at my college Clubs and Societies awards Wednesday night, which was on in the Helix. . Everyone in Dublin City University (DCU), knows that every single year it is either Drama stoc's plays or Style Stoc's fashion shows who always win best event, as they are the college's biggest societies and always gets lots of press and media attention. We were talking to a friend and she says, just once can they please let an event from a DIFFERENT society win.

We were all sitting down facing the presenter as he read out the nominees for the best event category. We all had the same thoughts, "ah sure it is obviously going to be the fashion show who will win." When the presenter shouted out that Eirakon won best event,  I looking at each another frozen and jumping with pride and joy as we came on the stage to collect our trophy. This is a massive achievement for us as so much hard work went into this convention and it is wonderful to see a niche, non mainstream event win for once. We had over 1000 attendees and it really makes me feel really rewarded when we hear nice feedback from the attendees and especially winning an award. Not only the committee should feel proud but the staff and attendees should feel it too, as Eirtakon would not have grown to be a great success without you all. Winning this award is very much motivating me to work hard and to give everyone a good time. I will do my best to promote cosplay and get people involved.

So there you have it, the hard working committee posing with our trophy. Yeah I know I am the only girl but meh, I have become used to it. ;-p They really all are a nice bunch.

For the ones who don't know Eirtakon is an Irish Anime and Manga convention which started in 2005. Over the last years it has grown to be a bigger convention and we are having the convention in the fancy Helix this year. We had to move venue as space was becoming an issue. That really goes to show how big the convention has gotten.;-)

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