Sunday, April 18, 2010

A woman who never bleeds.

The Saturday before the Japan Day I had abit of the cosplay insomnia. At 4am I made an attempt in styling my current Rei Ayanami wig. I still plan to get a better one which will be longer, the colour will be lighter and will hopefully look more natural. I know I need to trim the layers into my face abit more, as they don't go into her mouth. The wig looks fine and kinda accurate to Rei's hair in the front but the back is way too short and the colour doesn't come out the best in photos sometimes. The reason why I styled my current wig when I plan to get a new one is because I did it for practice, god knows when I can get the new wig so using the wig I have and trying to make it accurate would do for the moment. Unlike many cosplayers who sell their old wigs and costumes, I don't. This wig served me well and it is a great wig to fall back on in case anything happened to my new one. It would come in handy for other cosplays too.

Posing with the one interface. I still never found the other interface which I lost at the IFI Anime Film Festival.

Please excuse my messy eye make-up. Bear in mind it was 4am or after and I wasn't bothered.

I just realised that the outfit I am wearing does suit Rei especially the top. I wasn't thinking at all about what I was wearing when taking these photos as they are not really cosplay photos, just photos showing my updated styled Rei wig. I also tried styling her fringe as she does have some little bits of hair across her fringe. I have also decided to give the red contacts a try. I use to be terrified of putting things into my eyes, I was even terrified of eye liner and now I can't really live without it. If I am going way out to do the plugsuit Rei cosplay I would want everything to be perfect, the hair and the eyes. I think if you wear contacts in your cosplays it gives you so much freedom and you don't have to worry about photoshopping your eyes which can be a pain.

Sure one of my mottos in life,
Try everything once.

Listening to: Jack Off Jill - Vivica

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