Friday, April 30, 2010

The Downward Spiral....Vanity

There was a guy named Mr. Narcissism who was young and handsome. He knew fine well he was handsome. He was boastful, knew he was better then others and deep deep down he knew it. Unlike people who have less confidences but yet boast and act all that they are better then others, they know deep down they are not but in the case of Mr. Narcissism he knew he was better then everyone. Nobody can compare to him. Mr. Narcissism was also vain, very vain. He always admired himself looking in the mirror. He was very self absorbed.

One day Mr. Narcissism decided to go for a stroll to the river bank. He laid there relaxing but something very attractive caught his eye in the river. In the river he saw the most beautiful being his eyes ever laid eyes on. He fell deeply in love with this being in the river. Everyday Mr. Narcissism would always look forward to seeing this gorgeous human being in the river. After his errands he would race to the river to talk or just look at this attractive male, the reflection of himself who he fell madly in love with. One day, he stared dreamy at this beautiful male then leaned down to kiss it but slipped and fell into the deadly river.

Mr. Narcissism drowned and he was killed.

The moral of the story, vanity a strong and vain word would always come with a price. There is a big different between pride and vanity. Vanity is pride taken too far, like a drug or obsessive compulsive disorder which leads to the depersonalisation of the human self....

Drowning in
2 feet below the surface I can still make out your wavy face
And if I could just reach you maybe I could leave this place

Listening to: Nine Inch Nails - I do not want this

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