Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Japan Day - Farmleigh House

The Japan Day was good fun and I really enjoyed helping out. We were all blessed with the weather. The place Farmleigh House was so nice and scenic, it is hard to believe it was Dublin or not far from Dublin. It was such a beautiful day and there were lots of people at the event. I unfortunately forgot my good Nikon camera as I wanted to take photos for my Eirtakon essay, so we had to make do with the compact camera.

There were many people in pretty kimonos and yukata which was nice to see.

This child is adorable. There were a few kids in yukata too which was cute.

Now the cosplayers. That is Chiang on the left cosplaying as Chrono from Soul Eater, Jenny as the female Kikashi from Naruto, Roisin as Terra from one of the Final Fantasy series and myself cosplaying as C.C. from Code Geass. Surprising enough there were no other cosplayers there.

Some poses.

I really like this photo below. It really shows what cosplay is about.

Being cute.

I was trying to do the same pose my C.C. figure does at home. I know why I have not seen another C.C. cosplayer do this pose as it is physically impossible for a real girl to do it.

Again posing with another attendee. Yeah we were pretty popular and it got worse after the presentation. ;-p

Now we are on the stage. We were pretty scared going on the stage as there were so many people but the stage wasn't high up so it wasn't too bad.

This was funny. We all first thought that the MC was going to introduce us, then interview us individually about our costumes but no we got on the stage he introduced us and then ask us if any of us cared to tell the audience about cosplay. Everyone looked at me and I had go up to the mic and talked about cosplay. I was kinda put on the spot, as I ran out of things to say but it went fine.

One of the guys sitting behind me in glasses was my Japanese lecture back in first year of college. I wonder if he recognised me, I hope not. ;-p

The rest of the cosplayers standing there and looking pretty.

Doing a twirl.

The guy with the shades was one of the volunteers I think. Nice fellow.

In the crowd.

After the event, when I got out of my costume we sat outside on the green infront of Farmleigh House. It really is a very picturesque place.

The day was fun but I felt there could of been a lot more at it. There could of been more stuff on Japanese pop culture, Geisha and Japanese theatre arts. The same events ran over again but still it was a very enjoyable day. I would like to get involved again next year, perhaps do a cosplay presentation and maybe do a performance. It was funny after my speech, the MC asked were we going to do a performance and I was like, eh no we had nothing prepared.

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