Sunday, March 7, 2010

Thinking of Cosplay When I Should Be Studying

I am really happy as my Ayanami Rei plugsuit costume will be possible. I was no way going to pay 300-500 euro for the plugsuit online as;
1. quality would most likely be crap and maybe wouldn't fit my body shape well. The plugsuit is tight and I don't want it to be loose.
2. That is a god lot of money to be spending on a costume. I couldn't justify that.
3. I prefer to try and make it myself as it will be my own personal plugsuit and I would feel rewarded knowing that I made it or most of it myself.

So giving I went with the making it myself option, I was looking at ways how to make it. I came across a wonderful dance website which sold leotard tops. I came across a leotard top that was white, lycra, had a polar neck and long sleeved which is very accurate to the top part of the plugsuit. So I was thinking if I ordered that, I would need white leggings, watershoes or small dancing shoes (for the feet) and materiel for the details. So during my time browsing clothes shops for long white leggings, I had doubts. I was afraid if I ordered the leotard top from the dancing site, it will have a lovely white sheen as the white leggings which I saw in clothes shops were just plain white. This could look bad. Also the legging didn't look the best of quality and could ware out very easily which I wouldn't want to happen giving I would of spend a lot of time and money into making the plugsuit. I also had the worry of how to make the feet part, as leggings only go as far as the ankle.

I have watched a video on how to make a catsuit thanks to another Evangelion cosplayer. I watched the video for advice on how to do the feet, as perhaps sew on materiel at the end of the leggings? It looked very complexed. I thought it would be best to look for white leggings on dancing sites, as they would be the same materiel as the leotard top and would be excellent quality. I was very grateful when I came a dancing site which sold unitards. Look below, they are pretty much catsuits.

They have one in white lycra, polar neck, long sleeved and the best parts, they come footed and cover the hands. So if I get that unitard I would much have the base of the plugsuit done and wouldn't have to worry about the feet or the gloves. So it would be pretty much just adding on the detail. It would only cost me around 60E which isn't that bad as giving it is a dance site so I say it would be excellent quality and well it is a hell lot more cheap then the pre-made plugsuit. I am really delighted about this as when I first saw other cosplayers cosplaying as Rei in the plugsuit, I really want to that cosplay. I thought it would be impossible to make but thanks to those dancing websites they had made it possible. \0/ I am looking forward to getting abit of cash and ordering this unitard and I assume it will be the same as the white unitard above. I am also looking forward to ordering the long scruffy wig from corwox for Rei, as I know it really will look the part when I style it. The wigs there look very good quality and some even look like real hair. The unitard will have a nice shine like the figures and also which I love about it it has a zip in the back. :-) Like the real plugsuits in the series I will have to unzip myself out of it.

I really want this cosplay to be good and go to plan as I am putting a lot of thought and time into it. If the unitard and plugsuit all go to plan, I will order another unitard from the same site for Asuka's new plugsuit.

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